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Something unusual, I have to admit our skin is smoother after the spa. Alice, Italy
So cool, Amazing quality of the beer! Madeline, USA
The beer actually did have great benefits on the skin! John, Canada
Great experience! What a great start to the day. Filip, Norway
One of my happiest hours! We left the Spa Beerland absolutely relaxed! Charlie, London
Awesome 5 stars treatment! Stephen, Canada
Unique experience. My recommendations to all beer lovers! Oliver, Florida
Nabidka pro pary - Pivni Lazne Spa Beer Land Praha

Come and enjoy an original beer spa in a romantic fireside setting.




Pivo Krusovice  - Pivni Lazne Spa Beer Land Praha

Come have fun with friends and try The First Beer Spa Karlovy Vary together!

We offer exclusive rentals for groups.



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Beer cosmetics can be purchased on our e-shop or in person at our beer gift shop on address Stará Louka 8, Karlovy Vary.